Can't get text to load in editor
I’ve tried everything I was able to find, even removed all extensions and tried a different browser but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Does someone know what’s wrong?

Hi @Kit !

Could you elaborate a little on what you mean by the text not loading? Do you mean in the code editor, or somewhere within your scene?

It looks like you’ve deleted your source font and the font atlas is blank.

Reupload the font asset and reassign the asset to the text element

I can’t see the other asset with the Aa pop up @yaustar @eproasim

Unzip the font package that you downloaded first. It looks like you are trying to import a file directly from the ZIP archive in Explorer with unzipping it first which is not supported.

(We have a fix in the Editor going out soon that prevents this in future and shows an error message)