Cant get iframe to display over game

So im using the ad network adcash and i cant seem to the the following script to display in the html over my game.
it creates an i frame which my code cant seem to find and then loads an ad. Can just use a static script though because the url changes every time

Debug using the elements in Chrome Devtools and see where it’s placing the iframe. Are you sure you aren’t getting an errors from the SDK when trying to show the ad?

Ok so i got the iframe to display over the canvas. I made a css script that is appended to a div when my game starts. I then scanned all of the iframe elements to find the right iframe element and then i append the iframe to the new div element. I have a <center> tag around the div to center it and viola. I got an ad onto my game.
Come check it out:

Please note that if you add ads to your game, you have to make sure that you are GDPR and CCPA compliant at the very least due to the use of tracking cookies.

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I’m sorry what?,the%20Publisher%20Site.

There are legal requirements in some countries to show ads in your game/page/site because they can track or identify the user. It is the responsibility of the developer to notify users, provide privacy policies and ensure they are compliant with the local law and regulations of where the user is.

im 15 how would i do that. i dont understand

How would I be able to do this I have no idea how