Can't get Animation to play

I’m having an issue getting Animation to work on my model within the editor itself. I’ve added the Animation component to the root (When that didn’t work I tried adding it to various other things and it didn’t change, so I returned it to the root), it seems to play fine in the preview, but won’t play within the game itself. I’m not sure if this is a removed feature, I have to do some extra scripting, or if something is wrong with the model / rig (This is a free to use asset, and I have not made it myself, but it seems to work for others I know have used it).

Does anyone have any clue what I got wrong / how to get the Animation to play?
Apologies if this isn’t a good question as I’m fairly new to PlayCanvas.

I recommend looking at this tutorial: Importing your first Model and Animation | Learn PlayCanvas

And potentially this Office Hours video for debugging: Debugging Animations from Mixamo - PlayCanvas Office Hours #6 - YouTube

I’ll give that a try, thank you for the response.