Can't find the animation information in the json files

I have an FBX with animation which I loaded into PlayCanvas and then downloaded it in the json format. The problem is that I can’t find the animation information in the resulting json files. Is there something I’m missing or the animation information is not there or not available for some reason?

From memory there is a separate animation json file.

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Rereading your post, I think you knew that.

Sorry, I have no idea why they didn’t download.

Turns out that we need to run code on the animation data and the code is not available in javascript, so we do the operations on the files instead.

It seems that the only way to export the animation files is to get the whole project exported from the PC editor, then search for them manually in the downloaded project!

It should be possible to download animation files alone, without the need to get the whole project. Their name should also be more meaningful, because now they have exactly the same name is the character they came from (e.g Char.json - Char_anim.json would probably be better).

Hey there,

We just released an update for the Editor so now you can download any asset. Just click on the asset and hit Download in the Inspector.

If you want to download animations make sure you download the ‘animation’ asset not the source FBX.

Thanks, I really appreciate that you leave no issue “unchallenged” :slight_smile:

Having to download the animation separately makes no sense, except it’s an optional feature. We should be able to download the whole thing in a single click instead of having to puzzle with the separate parts of a single asset. Imagine doing the same with textures… what would be the point?

Unless I misunderstood the answer and the animation comes with everything it should. Sorry, I’m gonna check first.