Can't deselect in editor

bit of a weird one this, i dont know how i did it but if i have anything selected and the click on empty space it doesnt deselect like it it normaly does.
it either keeps the current selection or selects something else.
this also continues if i copy the project.

so im guessing something has been checked on or off

ive gone through all the settings from another project where this doesnt happen and made sure they are the same in the one where it does but nothing is different.

edit - just discovered this only happens in perspective view and camera view.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you provide precise steps please? Or an screen capture of you showing the problem?

not been able to reproduce in a fresh project.
and i could not say what the steps are to get to this

the mesh it selects depends on the perspetive view angle and which blank area you click, change the view or mouse position and it changes what it selects.

its not a huge problem just have to be carful not to move the object by accident, its mainly just a bit wierd

So it looks like there’s something related to that model that causes it not to render correctly into the Editor’s pick/selection buffer. If you can somehow share that with me, we can log a bug and investigate further.

it happens regardless of the model, i can delete it down to just one and it still happens.

what is it you would like me to share?

Well, I just need a public project plus the steps to reproduce the issue and we can log the issue on GitHub for investigation.

appologies but i have no idea how it happened in the first place, so i dont know the steps