Can't cut & paste on Firefox with the editor

Since a couple of week, I’m can’t cut paste anymore with the script editor on Firefox.

I’m using firefox on linux, the “cut” command seem to act like “copy”. (content saved to clipboard without been deleted)
And the paste command act in weird way :

Clipboard content seem to be altered. The last “}” is part of the paste result
Sometime, with longer text some line the middle of the clipboard are missing :

cut the 3 first method, last paragraph is the paste result.

Copy is working fine.

Tested in Safe Mod too, same thing.
But with Chromium there is no problem.

Any idea ?

edit:missing image

Hi @Dezra,

I just gave a try in Firefox and it seems to work (v117.0.1). On what Firefox version are you? I don’t have a Linux installed machine here though, so it may not be straightforward to test your setup.

Hello Leonidas, I have the exact same version (v117.0.1).

I’m using Kubuntu 22.04.

Is there any way I can help you doing the diagnostic ?
You can’t imagine how boring this problem is…

Under the hood we use the Monaco editor. Can you please test and see if copy & paste works here: Monaco Editor

same problem with Monaco !
same problem with too

Great, so the problem needs to be solved either by Monaco, or more likely by Firefox.