Can't Compress Textures

Hey, I’m new to play canvas, I’m working on a project and have tons of textures which I would like to compress but except for DXT no other option worked for me it just keep on processing the texture to compress but even after two hours the texture compression was not finished, I re-imported the texture just in case but still failed, re-uploaded the texture into empty scene ,still the same issue.
kindly guide me resolve this issue. (or tell me how much time will it take to apply the compression)

sample project of a texture in empty scene:

In my project I did compression of textures and noticed that the DXT format is processed quite quickly. The remaining formats were processed for about an hour. I think, that for the duration of texture compression affect the size of the textures and the compression algorithm under a specific platform.

Thanks for the reply, you were right it was talking a lot of time, in my case just conversion to a single texture to pvr took more than 1 hour
Also some textures after compression look blury on mobile devices can you help me out or give guidance to maintain same quality of desktp on mobile devices without sacrificing FPS.

I did not encounter a similar problem, but I can offer you to check the quality of textures without compression. If the quality improves, then don’t have to do the compression. However, this entails an increase in the use of VRAM.