Can't click error links on mobile

Hi, so on mobile (iOS at least, I don’t own an android device to test this on), error links aren’t clickable. By error link I mean this:


Clicking on it doesn’t do anything, nor does holding on it, it’s just as if it’s text.

You can try connecting a mouse to your phone and then you can try clicking on it. I think there are dongles which can connect a mouse to a phone.

Something like this. I have one in somewhere in my house:

I don’t own a mouse, and I don’t know if third-party ones are accepted on iOS. Apple mice are generally quite expensive.

Oh right, I forgot, Apple. I’m pretty sure there should be Apple ones. If there aren’t, you can try replicating the error using an emulator on your computer. I’m not really sure what else to do if you can’t. Maybe try zooming in on the link to maybe have a better chance at clicking it.

Zooming in doesn’t work either :thinking:

Hi @ThePastaNebula,

Not sure why clicking on the link doesn’t work, but the error message contains all the information you need to track that code line.

File: game.js
Line 32

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Yeah, I guess, but it’s just those little things that get slightly annoying haha

Scrolling isn’t perfect on mobile either:

Just try and find it on your computer.

You can try submitting an issue about this project on the editor repo:

Though not sure how helpful would be to have the code editor open on mobile :slight_smile:

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hey @ThePastaNebula you can try chrome debugger in PC by connecting your device with PC. In this way you can easily debug all the mobile logs.

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Please do @ThePastaNebula. It really helps with with us to improve the service!