Can't change game dimension (facebook instant game)

I can’t find project dimension setting

I want my project dimension to be like the second video (portrait)
But I do not know where to change the size so as not to be a landscape and shrink right

We need a bit more context on what’s being used here as it looks like you are using a specific tool/browser?

In the top video, it looks like the application you are using is resizing the webview as the FPS counter is in top left of the rect when resized.

@yaustar no it is not specific tool , it is just chrome browser and I create a facebook instant game
I want my project look like 2nd video , just be portrait , not landscape
The main problem is that the page does not become a landscape

That looks like a configuration issue on the FB end. PlayCanvas can’t change the webview size, that is controlled by the application/browser/tool.

What are these?

Thanks @yaustar I will test facebook instant games settings and configurations

They are just Facebook instant games panel tools

I’ve not used FB Instant as a dev portal but my guess is that it is showing your game in an iframe and the dimensions of the iframe is specified in some tool/project settings somewhere on FB

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