Can you save game data?

Is it possible to have an auto-saving or any type of saving for a game?

Hi @Codeknight999,

You can do that in a number of ways:

  • Use the browser local storage to persist data on the same device/browser (Window: localStorage property - Web APIs | MDN). This is relatively easy to add.

  • Use a remote database (MySQL, Firebase etc.), usually this is paired with some sort of authentication so users can login and retrieve their saved state from different devices/browsers. This is more advanced to add.

Search the forums for posts on both, you will find several related topics.

You can auto-save, automatically call your save method when players reaches certain points of progression.

Or you can have the user save manually from a UI button.


Thanks @Leonidas ,
but is there a way to save variables in a username and password? I could make a sign-in with text elements and save the variables there.

@Codeknight999 The second option that @Leonidas had pointed out above answers the question you are asking. Remote database usage like MySQL and Firebase have built in authentication methods that offer email and password access to a specific user. As stated you can search this forum for similar questions related to this topics. Also, I do know that there are a lot of YouTube videos that show the basics of each.

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OK, thanks. I am building a SQL “table” on Replit, how do I access it in my javascript code, also can I cloud save my table or add it in the code?

Is there another SQL website I can use or a lerning doc for SQLight? I have never heard of it and that is the only thing Replit has, I am accustued to the

CREATE TABLE newtable (name TEXT);

Kind of stuff

@Codeknight999 There are many resources as stated above to do this. As suggested you can search this forum for information on how others have done this.

Also, Playcanvas supports the use of most external libraries.
You can find the place to set these here

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