Can we export gltf model from playcanvas in runtime?

Can we export gltf model from playcanvas in runtime ?. I want to export the model in runtime when I set or combine all models.

Hi @HXA,

No, there isn’t any API for doing that in PlayCanvas.

Doing a search online there are some libraries that you could use with PlayCanvas to write an exporter for a GLTF file:

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Will was making an API for that, but it is not complete yet, Ref:


I wanted to use the gltf exporter for personal use, so I used the code in Will’s pull request.

The project is here. (Used to export the font as GLB)
Publish: 3D Text - PLAYCANVAS

check the exported GLB in the viewer

I was able to export the mesh. I plan to use another software to set up the materials, etc.