What is the unit metric play canvas use?

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I have this object I made in blender that is 2 cubes combined in a single mesh, each one of them is 1x1x1m. When i export a FBX and i place in my world it is 1x1x1 scale but looks too big

If i try to place the template playcanvas generates for me which is 0.01x0.01x0.01 and the render component is 50x50x50 it looks normal…

My question is: What kind of operation playcanvas do to figure out the object needs to be 0.01x0.01x0.01 and the subentity render component be 50x50x50 ?

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I believe that we use 1 PlayCanvas unit to 1 metre but you may want to check the units in the 3D modelling package

Hi Is there a way to export/download an obj, fbx or glb from playcanvas?
I would like to compare this inside Blender to get a more accurate ratio.
I’ve been struggling with these scaling issues too.

In the modeling app i have this: 1x1x1m

Check this, it’s a work in progress, but it can help you here: Can we export gltf model from playcanvas in runtime? - #3 by Saad_Haider

Can you check scale units please? Blender 2.8: units of scale, grid, and default size of objects - Blender Stack Exchange

You should Apply Scale to your object, before exporting it. Your current scale is 0.5, making it twice as big.

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Cool! I will try here

Now thats correct…when I used CTRL + A on blender i could reset the transform and now playcanvas shows the correct size. Now I just wanted to know why every auto generate template comes with the scale 0.01, 0.01, 0.01 when i import a FBX object

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