Can we change the rendering order of meshes?


I’m trying to reproduce something similar to this.

I got the idea to split the floor and change the rendering order of my meshes this way:



  • the blue floor with Z=0 can be hidden by everything
  • the primitive with Z=1 can be hidden by green floor and black panel
  • the green floor Z=2 can be hidden by black panel
  • the black panel Z=3 can be hiddent by nothing

So, is this possible to change this rendering order by mesh? And How?

Do I need to use the Layer system or is there another way? This way, I may need to create a layer per object. (

Also, is there a better solution as asked in this question here? : How to mask/clip a mesh

You are able to set a custom draw order on your mesh instances, using the drawOrder property:

Check the description in the docs on when and how it applies.

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