Can PlayCanvas support all Chinese characters?

hi,when i want to display Chinese i have to add all character i use to fonts(just like this),

otherwise it can’t display on playcanvas.But when these information come from internet seem to it can’t support very well,is there any solution can help me?thanks a lot.
here is the effect what i want to achieved 微信图片_20210205112136

You can use the canvasfont provided by playcanvas engine,the example project can be found here:
And I made a project to dynamic create canvans font when you change the text,you can found it here if you are interested:


thanks a lot ,i have cheked two projects。 seem to deal with emoji or base64 fonts。
and i checked,it seem to helpful but i don’t understand how it worked.

@Hiccup_You I just hook the setText function and update the canvasfont every time the text content changes.

Here’s another example that may help


thanks,it worked for me!