Can PlayCanvas' engine handle high poly models?

Is it possible to render high quality models around 300-400k polys, but store it locally so it renders faster; or is this logic wrong?

I am pretty new to web development, but I am trying divert my PlayCanvas application. So my logic is that I can create two applications; one with higher quality models and the other with a low-count retopolized model. The application that has the higher quality model will be locally hosted and I can store all the models and assets on the computer (faster rendering?); whereas the lower-poly count application will be hosted through a server.

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What do you mean by store it locally? If the user is accessing your application through the web, there’s no getting around the initial download time. If you mean caching it so that the next time they open it it will load faster, that could work.

Where you store it won’t change how fast it will render (unless by render you actually mean load?)

So I guess the answer is, yes if the assets are stored on the same computer as the application, then it will for sure cut down on load time. But it won’t change whether or not the engine can render the model. That depends on the computer specs/GPU.

There are limits for Web GL, but we’ve had scenes at 4 million polys. You can store the models locally, we done it for certain projects
I think there is a poly limit of 65K verts per model. But you can always break your models up into those chucks.

Thank You for your answer. I was thinking of caching it as a solution but also in a sense that you can create an application. Most people go from Unity to PlayCanvas because PlayCanvas has a far superior WebGL engine in terms of performance.

I was trying to see if PlayCanvas can be an application rather than a web engine. Would the solution be converting it to a native app as described in the manual?

Mobile for PlayCanvas

At the end of the day, I am trying to render high poly models with fast performance. I would sacrifice the web capability (download the app) and space in my computer to store the models.

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I think you can do it if you set up a local web server, not sure how we did it, I am not a dev.

I understand, will have to try it myself. Thank You.