Can PlayCanvas detect appliation/script changes?

Hi there, I was wondering can the engine detect changes in the app?
Let’s say we edit the scripts in devtools, changes are not visible/not effective in app, how does it work?
My goal is to detect any abnormal usage that tries to modify application

Any ideas for detections? Thanks!

is this about the stop hacks thing again?

Sort of, need a way to verify that client is unchanged, probably will have to calcutate and compare md5sums in worst case scenario, just want to familiarize with the engine, what’s possible - what’s not

Will have to find a really smart solution, some things just cannot be made and work server-side in my case

There is virtually nothing you can do to prevent client side cheating or hacking if you allow your game to be ran on a user machine and/or network.

All data will pass through the network at which point, an attack can be made to change the data network packets.

You have to have server side authoritative checking for all critical parts of the game that affects the game state. Its what every major multiplayer game does.

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I’m totally lost at this stage, is there any resources based on PlayCanvas that uses server-side verifications to learn from?

For example: How can I verify on the server-side this ~> Player position ~> models around him ~> Those models mesh instances and calculations

Even position could be spoofed since player is just an entity

maybe detect the cloud(if online) player position variable and other variables

The server world would already be in that state where it knows where the players are and what is around it. Rather than calculating bounds at runtime with mesh instances, you would pre-calculate it instead so that both the server and the client has the same data

In this example, the client would send ‘I’ve moved here’, the server can also check if that would be possible and either reject it because it isn’t possible or accept the input/change because it is possible