Can I use playcanvas for creating a 3d model?

I want to know this so I can make an interesting and unique style to my game.

Hi @Stink_Head,

While you can import 3d models from different software into playcanvas, you cannot use the playcanvas editor to make 3D models other than primitives like, cubes, spheres, capsules, etc.

There are free 3D modeling suites available. The most popular is Blender, but if you have concerns about your computer being able to handle Blender, you can always use online.

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Hey @Stink_Head, in addition to @eproasim’s great advice, I’d also like to mention SketchUp here. SketchUp is available for both PC and Mac, and if you’re on a Linux machine like me or concerned about performance, you can always use the web version - It has a lot of great 3D modelling features for both advanced and novice users, and offers a gentler learning curve than tools like Blender(although Blender is equally if not more powerful). This is a great tutorial series on SketchUp that you can check out to get started -

Hope this helps!

I made my hall game by using blockmaps out of primitives, you can do a lot with those few shapes

thank you! I was wondering because my laptop cannot use Blender for some reason. I will check those out! Thanks again!

I’m more of a developer, but I’ve used TinkerCAD (more basic web version of AutoCAD) for a simple model. I found the web interface easy to use.

thank you and happy april!

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