Can I use Node.js in PlayCanvas?

Can i use nodejs in playcanvas for linking with google sheet api?

Short answer is no, you cannot.

Nodejs is a system software, and Playcanvas is a Javascript engine, running in browser using WebGL. They are different systems for different purposes. You need to use Google services SDK to access their services using their API. You should consult their documentation on how to do it, as it is not related to Playcavas. In general, if you can access any service from your browser without Playcanvas, then you can do it with it just as well.


Do you really need node.js to communicate with the google sheet api?
I guess you could use xhr from within playcanvas scripts for data transfer with google sheets.

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Yeah, basically, your PlayCanvas app would make requests to your node.js app running on some server that would be calling the Google Sheets API.

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