Can I load web page inside the 3d model (like PC screen)

Can I load web page inside the 3d model (like PC screen). if any one can help me with this. i really appriciate it,

thank you.

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You want to literally run a web page on a PC Screen of a 3D model?

Is the purpouse that you want the user to be able to interact with that web page on the screen?
Otherwise you’re probably better of just rendering a gif / video of the web-page and then put it in a texture on the 3d model screen.

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no simply i need to load my website on 3d space. is there any possibility?

It’s difficult to make an educated recomendation of how to best accomplish this without more context of what your application is and how it works.

Do you have a public project you could share or create an example project where you setup just the bare minimum of what you wan’t to achieve?

one option is something like this, which was tested with PlayCanvas - see post about it here: