Can I download all the assets in a project with their directories/folders

I am using Playcanvas in both web-editor and engine-only environment. Sometimes I will build my projects on web editor first, and then download and import them in my Vue projects. At first, I use the “builds and publish” page to download zip and get the “__game-scripts.js” or other asset files. However, as the projects becoming larger, I hope I could sort my scripts in the same directories as they do on web editor. This can also help to keep synchronous update. Is there any tool to download assets with folders?
By the way, thanks a lot for the team menbers’ and other contributors’ hard work on the engine and editor.

Hi @Aryous,

That’s not currently possible, you can only export a build that will include a flattened list of all assets.

You can explore using playcanva-sync, that can bring over folders with assets but right now works only with text based assets (.js, .json etc.).

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This tool seems to be very valuable for my current projects since my local projects only include JavaScript and JSON type assets. Other asset files are stored in a local folder or on a web server. If I can have a local directory that syncs with my online projects through this tool, it could save me a lot of time.
While I’ve read the introduction, it would take days for me to try a new tool, given that I’m focusing on a project this week. When I encounter any problems using playcanva-sync, I will reply to this topic or raise a new topic if this one becomes inactive.
Thank you for your assistance!

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