Can I download a folder of assets from my project?

I need to send a client one of my models which comprises of many glbs, materials and textures that are all in one folder of my project but how do I download that folder? Is there a way?

Hi @Grimmy,

Sadly no, you can’t download a folder of assets, you need to do it once per file.

A trick would be to copy/paste that folder in a new empty folder, download a build to your computer and grab all assets from the files folder (use . on your explorer/finder window to get a full list).

When I download a build the asset folders are just 1/ 2/ 3/ etc and I have no idea which folder each asset is in.

Yes, what I said is a tricky, copy the assets you want to download in the PlayCanvas editor and then paste them in a new EMPTY project.

Now all assets the build includes are the assets you need.

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Ah okay. I understand now. Thanks

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I did that but its still just a huge bunch of (50) numerically named folders 1 for each asset. I dont think my client will be able to decipher it :slight_smile: Nevermind. Thanks anyway.

Yes, that’s expected, that’s why I said use a wildcard search option in the parent folder in your explorer/finder window.

The OS will filter all files and present you with a list of assets. You can then copy/paste them in a single folder and voila.

Like this:


And then you will get folders and files, select the files:



Gotcha. Cheers!

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Bear in mind not all assets have files in a build. Eg materials don’t have separate files, they are part of the config.json file.

What does your client want to do with the files?

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i think this could be used to sync whole project to a local folder?

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