Can forked projects get updates from the original?

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Can forked projects get updates from the original?

I wanted to fork a project and use it as a base for future projects. But as I develop those forked projects further I wanted to be able to get any updates I make to the base project. Is this possible?


Hi @ed-spatialsauce,

Unfortunately, this may not be possible. Forked projects become completely their own project, and any changes made to the original project have no bearing on the forked version(if you want to change that, you’ll have to separately change it directly in the fork). You could work around this by creating checkpoints of your different versions, and making sure the fork is at the correct checkpoint. Refer to this thread - [SOLVED] How To Get Version Control Branch From Original Project In My Forked Project?.


Hi @ed-spatialsauce,

Take a look also at version control and branches, with that you can do exactly what you are after in the same project:

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Thanks @DevilZ and @Leonidas

I was ultimately trying to have unique “primary build” urls for different versions of the app. I thought by forking the different versions would give me that, but I also wanted the forked versions to still receive updates from the base.

I guess I’ll investigate dynamically loading assets instead, and use one primary build url.

How different will each version be? If it’s only a core set of code and assets that are the same between these versions, you can copy and paste assets between projects.

You can also copy entities too if need be.

The REST API might be able to automate that too.

Alternatively, as each build as a unique URL, could a URL forwarder or shortener be used for the primary URL which forwards to a changeable build URL?

Or maybe configure the project with a ‘preloader’ scene that uses URL params to load the different versions?


Thanks for the suggestions. The URL params approach is a good idea!

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