Camera starting Position diffrent on mobile device?

Hello Guys,

i just got started with Playcanvas so i hope you can help me out with a problem that i am facing…

I have a little project that i would like to be able to open on a computer and on mobile devices. On the computer it works great but on the mobile device the camera position seems to be off or the 3d geometrie is not shown. Do you know where the problem could be?

it looks like i can rotate on an move on the mobile device but it doesnt seem to show me the 3d geometrie

Thank you already in advance

okay so on my phone i get a error loading model: Test.glb [Network error]

It seems to work for me on mobile the same way as on desktop, with no errors.

okay… that is probably a good news. What phone do you have?

i tried 3 diffrent phones now and it doesnt load the 3d geometrie!?

Pixel 6.

Can you share the screenshots of what you see? Also, screenshots of the browser console with the error / details.

The screen is just showing the background skycube

You need to connect to your device using browser on your desktop, where you can see details in the console and similar.

for Chrome on Android: Remote debug Android devices - Chrome Developers
for Safari on iOS: How to Debug Websites on iPhone Safari | BrowserStack

could you maybe point me to a simple project with the camera setup to work for computer and touch? As i think my project is super simple and i basically just want to have a 3d geometrie viewer someone def has figured out the right code for it already…? would be awesome if you know any. Thank you

Hi @sim_ag,

Doesn’t the model viewer starter project work for you?

If you study the setup it involves an orbiting camera with mouse/touch controls focused on a 3D object:

Hi Leonidas,
i tryed th modelviewer and it works perfectly until i load my geometrie into it. when i check my geo in the gltf viewer via my phone i also get a error 401.

Could it be that the model has a too big amount of data?

Mmm, can you share some metrics for your model, polycount and filesize?


It’s quite big, but it should work. Are you getting any error when loading it in the PlayCanvas editor? Is it possible to share your project?

no i dint get any errors loading it into the editor

It may indeed be a bit heavy for most mobile devices (~4 million polygons and ~300 draw calls). Try to optimize this model and also compress any textures used with Basis (there is a checkbox for that when you select a texture in assets).

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Check this part of the user manual on performance optimization, you will get a better understanding of how that works:

Thank you very much… i will optimize the file… but we got it working on some phones already so if optimized it would probs be even better. Thank you for your help!

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