Camera split screen

I have a split-screen in half (2 cameras)
I need to detect somehow from which camera view I am doing something, is that possible in PlayCanvas?

You can do a basic mouse/touch position check to see which half of the screen the user is clicking in.

Camera positions are going to change, I hoped there is a way to detect without position, it would be useful to implement something like that

The camera position doesn’t matter here.

Is the split screen always the same split in the browser window? Either way, you can work out which split screen the mouse cursor is on by getting the width or height of the window, working out where the split is in the window and then using the mouse position on the screen to work out which split window it is in.

By position, i meant the position of the screen, not world space
And it’s not always the same, yea I had the same idea, to calculate percentage from the viewport , thanks :slight_smile: