Camera specifications for matching perspective

Hi folks, I’m trying to match the perspective and fov/aov of a scene in a 3d application (3ds max) to a Playcanvas scene. Matching Playcanvas’ camera fov value and distance to the target gives similar results, but not the same exact perspective. In 3ds max I can specify the sensor size and focal length of the camera. Does anyone know Playcanvas’ camera’s equivalent sensor size and lens focal length? I imagine if I match these values in 3ds max, my scene should get the same perspective as in Playcanvas.

So the field of view of a PlayCanvas camera is, by default, the vertical field of view (in the Y axis). It defaults to 45 degrees. See API ref.

In the MAX Camera rollout, you probably want to select the vertical direction for FOV:

Any reason you’re using focal length/sensor size etc instead of just tweaking FOV?

thanks for the link, that’s a good reference. After some tweaking, I settled with matching the fov values and adjusted the camera distance in the Playcanavas scene.