Camera Scroll Script

UPDATE: I already found a solution, thx.

I’m in need of a script that

-binds the camera on a path to scroll position
-rotates camera according to mouse position (desktop) / gyroscope (mobile)
-should work with up/down arrow, scrollwheel, trackpad, mobile scrolling, scrollbar, etc.

please send me a quote.



what exactly are you trying to do?

the plan is basically to be able to build a website with playcanvas
so I would just put a bunch of text and 3d objects and what not
and the user can use like a onepage website
but with depth
AFAIK there is alreay a playcanvas script in the examples that takes care of all the scroll/mobile/touch input
so you could base this off of that
shouldn’t be complicated if you know your way around playcanvas IMHO
I would be open to sharing the script with the community, open source it

Sorry to have not replied for so many days, was on vacation in an area with no connectivity; have a look at this - Attach a similar script to the camera, and you should be fine.


Are you trying to do a one page website with content that scrolls but the PlayCanvas ‘app’ remains in the background?

Eg, something like this?

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yes basically like that

@Mate Hi!

So, what is the solution for this interaction? Can you share the script?