Camera path animation

Hi guys,

  1. How to animate the camera following a specific path (curved path) in playcanvas?
    Example: In blender i can using the bezier curve for the camera path.

  2. How can i import the entire animated objects in to the (single FBX) playcanvas?
    Example: I have a animated car in blender. In this scene the car’s wheels rotate the appropriate direction without sliding. How it’s is possible in playcanvas?


Hi @Vasanthakumar and welcome

For that I’ve found the easiest way is to animated a single bone along a curve in Blender, import it in Playcanvas and then add the active camera as a child to that bone. It will automatically get animated following the bone.

Importing multiple animation objects with a single FBX object wasn’t possible until recently in Playcanvas, I think that changed with the new FBX -> GLB importer. Someone that has tried it may be able to offer insight.

Thanks a lot Leonidas.

I have another question. Actually that blender scene has lot of people around the street (approx 10 no’s). Busses, cars & other vehicles moving on there, how can I import it in to the playcanvas with correct position as it is blender. I have seperate the every characters and vehicles as a individual fbx file, it doesn’t align the right position in playcanvas viewport, but it plays correctly in the output.