Camera moving on infinite ground (opacity problem)

I need my camera to move forward on an infinite terrain. So I made this :

It’s working quite well for (my purpose) but I would like to make it looks better by tweening the opacity of the material. So the ground will appear smoothly in front of the camera instead of what you can see on my example scene.

How would you do that ? for some reason I can’t even access the material

Thanks !.

What have you tried to access a material? Generally, you do it by reading it from the mesh instance of the render component, e.g.

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or maybe you could use fog with the same color as the background?

I don’t know what I tried exactly but obviously it wasn’t the right thing to do :slight_smile:
thanks to you I could finally modify the opacity. Now the transition is looking much better !!

But for some reason I can’t figure why we see a of “blinking” once the block is placed in front of the camera.
The opacity is supposed to gradually go from 0 to 1 but during one or two frames it looks like it is maxed. I have tried to investigate. I believe the entity.setPostition() could be the reason.

I think i will let it be that way for the moment, except if someone find an easy fix !