Camera Manager - Transition Effect

Hi! Thank you guys for keeping this forum. It has helped our team a lot. I hope you can help us one more Time. I am forwarding the message from Erik, our programmer.

Hi! I am Erik and I have a problem figuring out a possible error in our script.

I have different camera’s linked to SVG files in the UI. The buttons are:

presentation (shows a presentation),
walkmode (shows a walk mode like google street view),
exterior ( shows the outside of the building),
panorama ( shows the inside like a dollhouse view).

These different functions all have a camera for them. When changing from panorama to exterior I have no problem with the code. But when I go from panorama to exterior to walkmode and try to go back to panorama it glitches. I have three different sets of js that works with the cameras, these are the following.

Here are our script

Thanks for your help!

Do you have a public project that we can debug?

Can you describe what these glitches are?

Hi Yaustar!

Thanks for your reply!

Is that possible to add you as READ & WRITE permission on our project? Just to check it.

Yes, that’s not a problem.

Hi Yaustar!

Sorry for not answering before, Things are very busy here…

I added you as admin on our company for now. I was not able to add you as READ & WRITE, I do not why…

Please, can you check if you can access our project: ?

the link is broken mate.

I can’t access the projects as you don’t have enough seats for me to add myself to the projects.

Hi Yaustar!

I forked the project and make you an READ & WRITE member. I think for now this is the best solution.

I’m looking at the project now but can’t really tell what is ‘wrong’ as all the cameras transition (not nicely, but they do transition).

I also don’t know what your desired outcome is for the transitions.

From what I can tell, going from walk -> panorama is actually going to the exterior camera position and there are other similar glitches like that?

Edit: I’ve also made a private fork of the project so you can delete the one you sent me to remove it from the public eye.

Yes the programmer that worked on the camera’s is not working on it any more and i have some trouble fixing these glitches with the walk to panorama mode and to exterior, maybe you can help fiix this?

thanks !

Moving to PM