Camera jerkiness when looking around

Hello, I am using the first person camera script for my camera control from
It works fine when moving through scene but it is jerky when looking around. I am quite not sure what is causing it.


Could you send an example of how jerky it is?

The camera look rotation is tight, in that example, to the mouse/touch/gamepad input so it will follow your controls directly.

There isn’t any inertia, but if you would like to make it smoother you could implement it in code. Take a look at the Model Viewer camera code (orbit-camera.js) on how the inertia property is used there.

I would also check your framerate.

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Tried bringing up the frame rate… didn’t save much…

My comment was more about if the framerate is low, then the movement will feel jerky. Like Leonidas said, it would help if we had a video or even better, a project where you getting this issue.

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let me prepare a video… I have one but I have to get it to the right download size to post it here…

Host it on YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive etc. :slight_smile:

What is your average framerate in the scene (it looks very low in the video)? Can you share the project?

This is how I am setting the frame rate.

const FPS_RATE = 50
        const delay = 1000.0 / FPS_RATE

        // Redraw loop
        return window.setInterval(() => {
            app.renderNextFrame = true
        }, delay)

That might be why. If you remove that code, does it look smoother/better?

I recorded the video after I had commented out that section… it doesn’t seem to solve it when I take it out…

Can you share the project please?