Camera following a path help!

hey! so pretty new to play canvas, and am relatively new to javascript. I’ve created a very basic scene (a replica of an art installation which is kinda like a room) and I want the camera to move through the space. The intention for the end result is to have a digital version of the original exhibit. I found this video on the playcanvas youtube channel which shows how you can move the camera through keyframing in the ‘timeline’. the issue I’m having (dunno if because I am blind haha or just a newbie) but I cannot see the timeline anywhere… the video is only six months could it be that the timeline feature isn’t there anymore? or something on my end? Would be grateful for any advice!!

Alternatively I’ve found this tutorial and was wondering if someone could break it down to me a little to help understand how I can achieve a camera following a path?

oh i just found this… guessing this is the plugin the enables the timeline… its pretty expensive though hmm any way around it ?

It’s a custom plugin by one of forum members and has done a pretty decent job extending the editor given it isn’t documented.

The other project you found is fundamentally moving the camera between way points.

Thanks, I figured it out how to move the camera along a path with a script :grin:

can u send me the link of script?

Hey! Share your script please!

@Pragya_Kartikey @egaindahouse there is a tutorial for this in the playcanvas docs:

Perhaps that can be of help

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