Camera cannot be determined as a function

Hello, So i am trying to make a game that is vr applicable but the camera connot be identified as a function everytime I launched it.

here is my project link: Dacillo_MNMTECO_Finals | Editor (

HI @Miguel,

I’m starting your game but I can’t get any error. I’ve enabled also the WebXR emulator, how do you initiate the VR mode?

Did you check the VR starter kit (it’s available when creating a new project)?

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I removed the script that causes an error and test it, it works well without that script

Well, if you’ve removed the error in question then it’s not possible for us to reproduce.

Do write in detail what you are trying to do, your approach to it and the error you are getting.

sorry for that, my problem is when i click my inputed vr icon. the vr doesnt work even if my browser have vr extension as needed but when i click my Vr button nothing happens

@Miguel Can you provide some more details on your headset rig and how you use it. Are you using the browser inside your goggles or are you linking to your desktop? If so how are you linking to your desktop? Wireless/Wired. This will give the group more information. Also I see you have the VR extension to your browser. I assume it is the standard WebXR one. So did you open the debugger and go to the extension and move the virtual headset around and still do not see your scene changing?