Calling all gamers!

I am offering a play test of my new game the Virtnet it is coming out in a month and I need gametesters! If anyone can help please just put it down in the comments.
This is not paid,
I would like a report via this topic,
The game comes out in 1 month!

If you could help that would be great!

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Codeknight999, I’ll gladly help! It would be helpful, however, if you could provide some more info about the game overall.

The game right now is a cyber city that you can explore, I am also adding NPCs soon. I will update as I have ideas.

Alright, I can help with that!

Just a update, the game is almost ready, just a week or two more

Sounds good! I will, of course, need the capabilities to test the game to its full extent, this includes temporary access to most features, including experimental ones that you might be working on, if that isn’t too much to ask. Thanks again for this opportunity!

The game is almost ready, game testing actually starts tomorrow. I just am adding one more feature.

Its beta test time, It won’t let me publish it right now, I will fix that. Here is the link, go to scene TT and launch

Nice! Glad to see that you’re confident about your game! Most likely with good reason too :slight_smile:

What features would you like me to test?

Also, I found one singular error in the console of the game.

As well as the fact that, with the first-person camera, you can turn yourself upside down, and invert the controls completely.

Ok, the error is weird but normal. And I will test some things. How is the game so far, playing-wise?

How is the music?

Oh, I lost my headphones a while ago, and the speaker is broken, so no volume, but the models themselves look… fairly good! Although, you might want to improve the walking and camera scripts, as well as some of the shadows… wait, isn’t that related to the error I encountered?

Ok I am working on the walking stuff

How u doing? Haven’t gotten an update yet, so I was just asking :slight_smile:

The game is going really good, almost 200 plays, and 4 updates. More secrets adding soon

Also, is it possible that I could… contribute to the game, instead of just playtesting it? I’m not good at coding, but I can make pretty good models if given enough time, so there’s that I guess :sweat_smile:

And this studio as a whole seems like it has a lot of potential in the VG world, just saying

Can you make some robots for me?