Call of Duty: Black Ops III in WebGL

Hi all,

I thought I’d have a go at getting some artwork out of CoD:BO3 and into PlayCanvas. So far so good:

He’s static at the moment but the character is rigged. I’ll see if I can apply an animation somehow. I’ll post updates as I go.


Looks like animating the character rig might be trickier than I had expected. If any animators what to give it a go, let me know. Not an easy job though.

So I’ve turned my attention to importing a weapon. I wanted to pick something powerful and cool looking, so I chose the Drakon. Check it out:

I had to play with the specular color quite a bit to make it look more or less right. I’m sure I’m losing a lot from the translation process. Still, pretty cool, eh?


I imported a frag grenade too. :smile:

Three guns now imported: Drakon, MNWR and Gator.

this is pretty cool, looks really nice