C4D Take System to 3DS Max (For PlayCanvas Usage)

Hi, I’m throwing this question here if anyone has a solution as it is something me and my team as struggling with.

Context :
We have a complex 3D Model inside Cinema 4D with ~50 animations (no rig/armature/bones). Each mesh is animated using the Take Sytem from C4D, which seems unique to this software. Exporting a .FBX from C4D and importing it inside Playcanvas works as intended; we have our model and multiple animations all in separate assets. This confirms that the Take System is properly exported from C4D into the .FBX file.

Problem :
However, when we import the .FBX inside 3DS Max, we can only select one animation, thus leaving us confuse as how to have all the animations inside 3DS Max. We tried looking for answers online but couldn’t find relevant information for our problem. We thought about importing all animations, adding all keyframes to the timeline and then using Game Exporter to export, but this sounds like a lot of mess if we ever need to do modification to the model/animations.

Question :
Has anyone already run into this issue ?
Is anyone using 3DS Max and might know a workaround ?

Thank you very much !

Hi @pixistudio.xavierC and welcome,

Just in case, have you tried asking about it in the 3dx max forums? Also this forum has quite experienced modelers posting:

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Hi @Leonidas and thanks for the response.

We will ask for it on 3DS Max forums, but wanted to ask here first as we thought more people would be working with a game production workflow.

Awesome for the Polycount link, never heard of it. I’ll take a look.

Thank you

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