Bypass forced scene loading in editor

Hi Devs,

I’d like to propose the following feature: When you open a PlayCanvas project in the editor, the scene-selection dialog should not block other input / can be minimized. I want to:

  • Quickly open the code editor when looking things up at an older project (without the need to load a scene)
  • Work in development branch, merge master branch in development, switch to master branch (without the need to load a scene), merge development into master, switch back to development.

In both cases I don’t want to be forced to select a scene or the browser to load a scene.


Hi @dexter_deluxe,

I imagine without loading a scene there aren’t many things you can edit, apart maybe from what you mention: working with branches.

You can submit this request for evaluation on the editor repo.

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you can do everything which is not hierarchy related:

  • Create a build and download/publish it
  • Create/delete scenes
  • Download/upload/edit scripts
  • Download/upload/edit assets (models, audio, fonts, materials, textures, animations …)
  • Adjust localization
  • Adjust configurations (eg. JSON files)
  • Adjust project settings (layers, batch groups, physics, …)
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