Button HTML change camera position

Hi, i started with the model viewer scene and i add a html button to change position of the camera.

var camera = this.camera;
if (button) {
        button.addEventListener('click', function() {

Dont work. I think its because orbit camera or i dont know, i dont get any error, only the camera dont move on position (0,0,0). What can i do ?

Thank you.

Can you share an example project please? Code looks fine at a glance

i created this example project


Hey, the orbit camera script is continuously changing the position of the camera. You will need to pause updating the position in order to set it manually by yourself.

Hi, Its not posibile to let zoom, left, right work and only change the position?
Because if i stop updating camera then zoom, left,right etc dont work.

The orbit camera position is controller through it’s API in the script. If you look at the Orbit Camera script PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

You can see properties that you can change. Eg pitch and yaw

If you want to move the camera to a specific point, I suggest using the functions resetAndLookAtPoint or resetAndLookAtEntity

Example: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

    var button = this.div.querySelector('.button2222');
    if (button) {
        button.addEventListener('click', function() {
            var lookAtPos = camera.script.orbitCamera.pivotPoint.clone();
            camera.script.orbitCamera.resetAndLookAtPoint(new pc.Vec3(10,10,5), lookAtPos);
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Thank you yaustar. Work now.