Bunnymark Benchmark

Hi everyone, I’m trying make bunnymark benchmark using Playcanvas. For now playcanvas only render 5000 bunny at 30fps on my machine. With pixi js I can render 50000 pixi at 30fps. Someone help me how archive better performance. I’m sure playcanvas do better than this even it is a 3d focused engine.
playcanvas project: https://playcanvas.com/project/562155/overview/2d-bunnymark
pixi.js : http://pixijs.io/bunny-mark/

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It is seems GraphNode.syncHierarchy is really take time.

For me it renders 50k bunnies at +40fps

I m runing it low level machine. Can you test pixi.js too :slight_smile:

My macbook air 2013 mid only get 20fps with 5000 objects… lol

Moving entities is not so expensive. I have check syncHierarchy function. It’s loop over every entity on every update.

Playing your example +40fps

Pixijs is 14fps

My computer is high end, but I have a Surface where I test projects to optimize, I will test later.

Thank you. my example start with 5000 bunny default. pixi start with 100000. Did you consider this when testing.

Right the test was 5000, I thought it was 50k because of the default value on the script

Too many entity make playcanvas really slow. I run same benchmark Defold(html5), Construct 2 and Construct 3.
Playcanvas(2d Sprite) 5000 at 30fps
Defold(html5) 7500 at 30fps
Defold(Native) 27000 at 30fps
Construct 2 17000 at 30fps
Construct 3 26000 at 30fps (I can only run it debug mode!)
Pixi.js 50000 at 30fps
Unity(Native) 20000 at 30fps (I think unity