Bulding transform handles?

How can I create something similar in the easiest and most logical way?

Hi @Newbie_Coder,

Will started working in a gizmo project a while ago, you can find it here:


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I reviewed the project, but I had difficulty comprehending most of it. It appears that the project was never fully completed.

It will need to be built from scratch, based on the idea I have in mind:

  • Begin by implementing entity picking as the primary step.
  • Once an entity is selected, incorporate child transform handles (3D models).
  • Scale the transform handles based on camera distance and the selected entity.
  • Enable handle selection/picking to determine when and how to move entities effectively.
  • Currently, I understand the need to utilize onMouseMove, but there’s a missing piece of information regarding how to determine the direction of the mouse movement and so on.

Perhaps there’s a better approach? I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

There is no easy way to do it, unless you are using some existing library. This is because the math is a bit complex when working with hierarchy of entities with different scales.

Apart from the link from Leonidas, you can also look at how it is done in threejs:


Well, that will be the challenge.
Gizmo project looks outdated, nothing happens when you click on the box, no errors either.