Building Tycoon Help

This is free, and I quote, this is free and you are not getting paid for this work. I am just asking for the help of a experienced designer for my game, and that is all.

My game is not currently in design, at the moment I am creating terrain for my game, I will give you read and write permissions and that is all. This is not meant to be a game coder. This is meant to be a game designer to help build terrain. That is all that I need you for. Thank You.

P.S. The terrain is not gonna be built very big. I will not need your help forever, but just for a little bit and you can throw suggestions in there.

The list of items I am needing help in making are right here

  • Advanced Trees
  • Advanced Water
  • Making the Sun rotate around the map.
  • Advanced Lighting

That is all