Building to windows from playcanvas... (playcanvas ---> Steam)

as you know the steam release for Trigo Run is so soon!!! (release date is Christmas Eve!!!)
and i need to port it to windows so it’s downloadable and playable on your computer I would love a video tutorial on the process that needs to be taken to put a playcanvas game as a downloadable file for windows that can be released on steam!!!, Thank you for your time :slight_smile: and i would love some help so this game can finnally be complete!! (well im still gonna update it with cool new features) but done FOR NOW!!!

Its not trivial due to the Steamworks SDK.

Here’s a guide. How to put HTML5 game to Steam

how is it trivial to steamworks?

What do you mean?

what do you mean by trivial

I said it is NOT trivial to do this. Trivial meaning easy or simple.

So I’m saying its not easy to get an html5 game onto Steam because of the issues mentioned in that article I linked. Its possible, just not easy.

okay i didn’t expect it to be simple so :slight_smile:

is there any video to help on this subject

You can try and find one, I don’t know of any as its not a common thing to do.

Just to mention that it costs $100 to get a game on the Steam Store Steam Direct Product Submission Fee on Steam

i am aware of that fee, does it cost 100 per game or 100 upfront to be a developer

Per game

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ugh the documentation makes no sense… the only thing i see on there is (had to rewrite lots of my game to work with steam) and thats not ideal

You may be in luck here. I found a video

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2hours!!! damn… do you think you can make a tutorial on the playcanvas channel about publishing a playcanvas game… i really think that would be a great resource not just for me, but for tons of others that are confused by this stage

well not publishing it to steam but building it for steam/windows

There’s little demand for it because tend to choose PlayCanvas because they specifically want to publish to the Web.

Making a Windows EXE is pretty straightforward with Electron and doesn’t really need a PlayCanvas specific tutorial: Converting Web App to Desktop App with Electron @

The documentation is open source so anyone can add a tutorial if they wish.

The difficult part about publishing for Steam specifically is because of Steam. You have to integrate the Steam SDK into the app which requires using Greenworks (GitHub - greenheartgames/greenworks: a node.js plugin to integrate nw.js/electron games with steamworks) as mentioned in the previous articles.

@Kevin_Herod Here is also a YouTube video showing step by step. I have used to make desktop apps from my Playcanvas games. There are a lot of considerations that have been pointed out by @yaustar. The Steam SDK will give you some challenges.

Woops here is video
Coding A JavaScript GUI With Electron - YouTube

yours doesnt seem to make much sense but i found this…Convert a Playcanvas project to Windows .exe with Electron [Tutorial] - YouTube

if this tutorial works ill figure out how to add it to the documentation