Building the app with previous engine versions?

Our app does not work correctly with engines after v1.6.9. Is it possible to make build using this version of the engine, rather than the latest?



Not really. If you are building to host on your own server you can have a post build step yourself to swap the PlayCanvas engine file.

Thought so. Thanks for the build idea.


Another idea is to patch the engine to restore old functionality in the project. This may or may not be possible depending on where the logic is.

I might need to have access to engine 1.55.4 - would that still be possible? (I do know that the materials-handling is about to be radically improved, but the “current refraction example” depends on 1.55.4)

See Using a Custom Engine | Learn PlayCanvas. When you self host, you can just swap out the engine files or if you are using the REST API, there’s a parameter for the engine version to package with.

However, we can’t guarantee the Editor is backwards compatible with older versions of the engine.

(Also, which refraction example?)
(not official as such)

  • ps: so the new material-handling comes with a ‘node interface’ or how was it? (and if not ready now, when?)

The recent changes were made to ensure that we could support at least the glTF material extensions in the engine.

This work also puts the material shader chunks in a position where the Shader Node Editor can resume to be integrated. I expect we see it next year in Q2

If you are using custom chunks, please refer to the migration notes Shader Chunk Migrations | Learn PlayCanvas

In this case, the refraction chunk was renamed so its an easy fix. PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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ok, thanks