Build with REST API using specific engine version

So the latest update (1.28.4) is breaking our games and I would like to force our build scripts to request the previous version (1.28.3) but I can’t find any parameter to do this.

I know you can choose the engine version when running in the launcher, bu is there any way to choose the engine version when building through the REST API?

We can’t test our games on the editor because they need to use Facebook Instant functionality that only works on certain environments and it is being very annoying to manually replace the engine everytime we create a new build.

Invoking @will and @vaios, they may be able to help on this.

Sorry about this :frowning:

We are currently working on the patching the release ASAP.

Theres’ no API to go back an engine version unfortunately. Will update more as soon as we can.


@mariogarranz Can you please follow up on your GitHub issue please - we will release 1.28.5 with a fix as soon as you are able to help us diagnose the root cause.


Thanks guys! I changed our build script to just replace the engine file with an older version in the final build.

Will do the fix in the meantime.

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We have now published 1.28.6 which should solve your issue now :slight_smile: Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Thanks for your support.

Still, wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to select a specific version when building from the API?

I think it makes sense.

It was discussed internally but we concluded that it would run the risk of some Editor features not being compatible with older versions of the engine unfortunately.

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