Build runs smoothly on iOS but not Android?


I am making a simple scene here: link

It runs perfectly fine on iOS but not Android. Am I missing something? Is there a debug vs release build options?


What are the specs of the iOS and Android phone? On my laptop, it is very choppy as well.

A few things it might be related to:

  • iOS phones tends to have a better GPU
  • iOS phones tend to have lower resolutions. Try disabling Device Pixel Ratio in the project

Thanks for the reply.

Was an iPhone 7 and a One Plus One, both really good phones.

The scene is very minimal and simplistic, build size only 900kb and only thing running in update is the earth rotation and camera rotation.

That option is disabled in my project already.

I will check the profiler to see if it shows me anything.

I’m guessing it’s either to do with the dot generation or the particle effect you have.

The One Plus One is quite an old device which doesn’t help.

On my Samsung S7, it runs the same as my laptop. Guess about 15-20 FPS judging by eye.

One thing that might be worth trying is to use graph nodes rather than entities. It might be more lighter weight.

Ok cool thanks will look into graph nodes :slight_smile:

@yaustar do graph nodes work the same as entities? I can’t seem to create it in the hierarchy, can one only create it in script? How do I do that?

Graph nodes do not have a clone method. I need to create an entity as reference in the hierarchy to clone, so now I need to somehow convert an entity to a graph node?

Are the dots the reason for the slow down though? ie. Have you reduced the number/removed them completely to see if the framerate performance goes up?

Working with graph nodes will require looking into the engine code in how they are used and created. Given that you are using the same model, a ‘clone’ function for your dots should be straightforward to create.

Entities inherit from Graph Node in the engine. You should be able to just add a Graph Node to the hierarchy as it is a Graph Node tree.