Build an AWESOME modular furniture configurator

Hello, I’m Damien. I am currently working on a modular furniture project that is still in the development phase. Given the project’s nature, the website needs to have a configurator/builder, allowing customers to create their furniture based on the elements they need.

I am currently searching for a developer (preferably French-speaking) who could initially create an MVP. We can discuss potential solutions using PlayCanvas and provide a budget estimate for building such an application. Unfortunately, I am unable to compensate you at this time. The immediate goal is not to create the final tool but to validate the possibility of creating it with PlayCanvas and possibly create an MVP to validate usage mechanics.

The aim is to find a partner who is motivated by the project and the challenge, with the ultimate goal of transitioning to a paid version of the application’s development.

Here, you will find a configurator from which I wish to draw inspiration; it incorporates the mechanics I want to use in the project.

Please feel free to ask for additional information, and I look forward to discussing this with you.

Hi @dhuv - I’m a full-stack developer with 13 years’ experience (2 in playcanvas) and have shipped multiple 3D games, including this one which most closely matches your requirements (It has a 3D configurator / level builder). Super Math World introduction on Vimeo Here is my linkedin: Https://

Let me know if you’d like to chat.