Bug? When importing multiple .fbx at the same time in the editor, some materials are unlink

I think it’s a bug.

When I import my .fbx one by one, I don’t have any problem.

If I select in Windows multiple .fbx and I drag them in the Assets editor in one action, some models lose materials. Slot becomes empty (see image).


Are you using two sided polys?

It doesn’t seem linked to two sided materials (or culling if thats what you mean).

It’s mostly linked to the import inside the playcanvas editor.
I tried importing by click and draging or using the upload windows. The result seems completely random.
Sometimes the model import fine, sometimes not and it may not be the same material every time.

Precision, the material is created correctly in the asset browser, it’s just not linked to the newly created json.

Are you having the same problem with multiple models?

Yes, and it seems more common when the mesh a lot of material id.

@will could this be a bug?