Bug Report Collision

My project PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine.
I am create wall and and assigned him collision.

But in the game the collision has gone.

Hi @_RICHARD and welcome,

Your wall is in its place correctly, you just need to move a bit to the side to see it. This happens because you start located inside the wall, and the engine by default will not render the wall polygons from both sides.


I start not inside the wall but next to it. and if I approach the wall from the front, then I get out into the collision without reaching it. and on the other side I can go through the wall.

So the reason that is happening, not getting accurate collision is because the rigid body you use for the camera body isn’t at the same position as the camera.

Try putting both of them at the same position, with no offset, then you will that the camera gets accurate collisions with the environment.

The way you have them right now resembles more a third person controller, if you would like to use it that way just put a model in your Box entity to visualize the player.

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ok I’ll try, thanks

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