Bug of scenes switch

The above one is switch scene from another one, and the below one is Launch at the current scene.
We use the changing scene way of Tutorials, but it seems the above one is darker, and we can not find out what’s the problem.

Check this post. The black overlay could be causing the issue in your case.

Is this on any browser/device?

Have you checked if there are extra lights being loaded in the new scene?

I use chrome usually, but it did happen at any browser.

I’ve refer to this script to write my switch script.

They are the same scene actually, the difference is just the first one is launched by scene switch.
And I find out that the url won’t change while change the scene by script, and the light problem won’t happen if I change the url directly.

Thx for your kindly help, but it seems the problem is not caused by event.