Bug editor

It has bugs when creating a game it bugs the editor sees flashes of black in the world and it’s very annoying and can’t do anything and the buttons to move the entities from right to left disappear.
(this does that for all projects)

Hi @Friteabc!

Does this happen with a new project?

If so, maybe you may need to update your system or browser?

@Alberto Yes when I create a new project and even if I restart an old project my device and even update my browser, I even cleared the cache, but still nothing!

Do you have any idea @mvaligursky?

No idea, but looks like something related to your machine, we got no other reports of an issue like this.

Maybe try different browser? What are you using by the way, which version and what OS?

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ChromeBook OS 32 bits, but it never gave me this problem before, I don’t understand why it’s happening to me now!

I’m waiting for an answer ?

I don’t believe anybody has an answer here unfortunately.

Can you try to resolve this, please? Before, this never happened on my PC, which is up to date, and even a friend with a more powerful PC encountered the same problem.

I wait…

The issue seems to be with your browser handling WebGL. Most probably drivers. The team cannot fix that. I don’t have experience with ChromeBooks, but if those support a different browser, you could try installing it or google a general WebGL troubleshooting.