Browser specifications online tool

I saw it on PlayCanvas forum but I can’t find it anymore. What is this online tool that give the technical specifications of the browser you are using?


Hi @jayypeak,

Are you referring to info regarding the platform you are running on? E.g. if it’s mobile vs desktop etc you can get find it in this class:

Not exactly,
I am looking for a web site that when you access it, it analyzes your browser, gives you the version number of Chrome and various other technical info on this browser (api supported etc.)

Something like this? Did a quick google search:


It was a little bit more elaborate but it is this kind of tool.

I also found those:

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Did you mean:

That’s the one!!!


Since there is not a category for that, I just wanted to express here my gratitude to the support team at Play Canvas. You are making my learning path enjoyable and fruitful.

So Happy New Year!!!